A Happy Smile Starts With a Healthy Diet

A Happy Smile Starts With a Healthy Diet

Get healthy snack ideas from a pediatric dentist in Gun Barrel City, Canton & Mabank, TX

Your child doesn't have to miss out on yummy snacks to keep their teeth healthy. You can give them a variety of good snacks recommended by the family dentistry pros at Children's Dental Depot in Gun Barrel City, Canton & Mabank, TX.

Instead of cookies or chips, keep snacks like these where your child can reach them:

  • Crisp apples or celery with peanut butter
  • Cheese sticks or plain yogurt with added fruit or nuts
  • Fruit like bananas, oranges and apples
If your child's craving a sweet or sticky snack, we recommend giving it to them with or after a meal, just before they'll brush their teeth. If you'd like advice on adding healthier foods to your kid's diet, talk to our pediatric dentist at your child's next appointment.

Looking for drink ideas?

Does your child love sipping soda while they study? They don't have to give up their sweet drinks altogether to have healthy teeth. Our pediatric dentist recommends lemonade with an artificial sweetener or sugar-free soft drinks. Ask a local family dentistry expert about the best-tasting and healthiest drinks.