All Children Need Effective Dental Care

Work with a special needs dentist in Gun Barrel City, TX

Special needs or sensitivities to certain stimuli shouldn't keep your child from receiving the proper dental care. If you need a pediatric dentist for your special needs child, you can turn to Children's Dental Depot in Gun Barrel City, TX. We build long-lasting relationships with families in order to make each visit comfortable and positive for every child.

Our offices offer the Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Services Program. This Medicaid program helps children up to the age of 21 and is designed to help children with special healthcare needs and people of any age with cystic fibrosis. Consult a dentist in Gun Barrel City, TX today to find out how to apply.

Find the right fit for your child

Find the right fit for your child

Finding a pediatric dentist for a special needs child is often difficult. Many children resist treatment out of discomfort or fear. You need a dentist who is calm and compassionate. Our team is specially trained beyond dental school to work with special needs children. We understand that many children require extra care and attention. We can provide this through behavior management solutions and sedation techniques.

Over time, many children become more comfortable with our special needs dentist and hygienist team. We always take your child's medical and mental health history into account when providing everything from checkups to procedures. Call 903-910-3121 now to learn more about our special needs dentist and hygienist team.