Outpatient General Anesthesia: A Good Alternative to IV and Conscious Sedation

Ask a pediatric dentist in Gun Barrel City, TX if your child is a good candidate

Children's Dental Depot recommends outpatient general anesthesia for children who are very young, are anxious or have special needs and aren't good candidates for IV or conscious sedation. General anesthesia is performed in a hospital or an outpatient setting only.

Contact a pediatric dentist in Gun Barrel City, TX today to learn more about outpatient general anesthesia.

Speak with your dentist about what's best for your child

Speak with your dentist about what's best for your child

General anesthesia will cause your child to fall asleep. To make sure your child will respond well to treatment, please be sure to let your dentist know if...

  • Your child's medical condition has changed
  • Your child has experienced negative drug reactions
  • Your child is taking any prescribed, herbal or over-the-counter medication
Don't bring in your child for treatment if they've got a fever, an ear infection or a cold. Contact our Gun Barrel City, TX office to reschedule.

Instructions for parents

Please make sure...

  • Your child doesn't eat solid food or drink milk after midnight the day before the procedure
  • Your child only drinks clear liquids up to six hours before the procedure
  • You or another parent or legal guardian remains at the hospital or waiting room during the procedure
  • Your child stays hydrated and eats a light first meal after the procedure
  • You follow the post-op instructions
We'd be glad to give you a list of associated hospitals in the Gun Barrel City, TX area that provide outpatient general anesthesia.