Could Your Child Benefit From Conscious Sedation?

We recommend it for young, anxious and special needs patients in Gun Barrel City, Canton & Mabank, TX

Conscious sedation can reduce discomfort and help your child feel more relaxed during dental treatments. Because your child will need a prescribed medication, you should talk to your child's dentist at Children's Dental Depot about your options.

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Tell us about your child's medical history

The doctor will prescribe conscious sedation medication that's best suited for your child's health and dental treatment recommendations. To do this, we'll need to know about any...

  • Prescribed, herbal or over-the-counter medications your child is taking
  • Changes in your child's health or medical condition
  • Drug reactions
If your child has a fever, an ear infection or a cold the day of the appointment, please contact our Gun Barrel City, Canton & Mabank, TX office to reschedule.

Tips for keeping your child comfortable and safe

Conscious sedation can make your child drowsy or fall asleep. To reduce the risk of injury or illness, please be sure that...

  • Your child doesn't eat or drink anything after midnight the night before the appointment
  • Your child has gone to the bathroom before arriving at our office
  • You or another parent or legal guardian remains at the office
  • Your child is drinking enough water and eats a light first meal after the appointment
  • Your child doesn't bite, chew or scratch at the numbed areas
If your child vomits, help them bend over and turn their head to the side to keep their airway clear.