Clean Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

Your child needs routine teeth cleaning in Gun Barrel City & Mabank, TX

Does your son or daughter have sparkling white teeth? Even if your child's teeth look clean, they still need routine teeth cleaning to stay healthy. That's where we come in. Children's Dental Depot performs children's teeth cleaning, also called dental prophylaxis, in Gun Barrel City, Canton & Mabank, TX. We'll clean your child's teeth thoroughly and discuss effective preventative dental care techniques with you.

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Eliminate bacteria and food residue

Professional teeth cleaning is more important than you may think. It is key to preventing gum disease and tooth decay. A thorough cleaning can remove built-up plaque and tarter from above the gum line.

Plaque is a sticky substance made up of food, saliva and bacteria. It is a lead cause of both tooth decay and gum disease. Tartar - or calculus - is plaque that's hardened on the tooth's surface and is therefore difficult to remove without professional help. If your child's teeth are stained or covered in plaque and tartar, it's time to visit a dentist.

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