Thinking About Fluoride Treatment for Your Child in Gun Barrel City & Mabank, TX?

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When you bring your child to Children's Dental Depot for regular dental care, we might recommend a fluoride treatment. We recommend fluoride treatments for kids who aren't getting enough fluoride from the water in Gun Barrel City & Mabank, TX.

You can find out whether your child might need a fluoride treatment by checking your water's fluoride levels. Ask your local utilities or public health experts for that information today to find out about your water's levels. You can also purchase a test kit from our office.

How can your child get enough fluoride?

If your child doesn't get enough fluoride from water, we can recommend a number of options. These range from products you can use at home to our in-office fluoride treatments for kids.

We can recommend:

  • Toothpastes
  • Rinses
  • Prescription gels
Schedule an appointment now to find out what's right for your child's teeth. We'll help you keep your child's teeth strong and healthy.